Corporate Documentation

An experienced team comprising with barristers and advocates mentored by Barrister Mahmood Morshed is holding the pride of representing Solutions De Legal in Corporate Sector by offering expert hands on corporate and commercial Laws, company laws, capital markets, securities and exchange laws, commercial contracts Joint Ventures, Distribution, Licensing, Supply, Sponsorship, Franchising etc.), insurance laws, mergers & acquisition, privatization and takeover etc. This wing also deals with the following issues

  • Vetting of property documents and providing legal opinion thereon
  • Preparing different types of deeds and agreements like Agreement for Sale, Deed of Sale, Deed of Gift, Deed of Will, Loan Agreement, Affidavits etc
  • Serving Legal Notices on corporate matters
  • Company and Partnership Firm formation and registration
  • Registration of Societies, NGO’s and other entities in Joint Stock Companies
  • Preparing and Registering legal deeds i.e. Sale Deed, Mortgage Deed Gift Deed, Trust Deed etc
  • Trade License, Import-Export licenses, Indenting License


We always take the pride of introducing Barrister Mehnaz Mannan as the head of Immigration Wing of Solutions De Legal. We have earned rare reputation in both home and abroad. We offer services on the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand through our respective network partners. We have affiliated immigration law firm in UK. Our Immigration wing is a Professional body practicing exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality laws. The firm serves as trusted advisors in all practice areas of immigration law including

    • Analysis and processing of VISA, employment-based and family-based applications, international child custody, naturalization applications and other immigration benefits
    • Immigration strategy and corporate policy development
    • Immigration training and compliance
    • Immigration consequences of mergers, acquisitions and other corporate changes
    • Government investigations and audits


Solutions De Legal deals with all sorts of litigations. Our lead counsel Barrister Nasir Uddin Ahmed Ashim is very well known to the legal arena for his mastery skill in litigation. The team Solutions De Legal mainly deals with Commercial and Corporate litigations, Writs (Judicial Review) & Constitutions issues, Civil & Criminal litigations, Income Tax & Customs, Admiralty, Company & Banking, Excise & VAT and Securities related litigations. This wing is well equipped with expert lawyers in both substantive and procedural laws. Our lawyers are categorically distributed in the subordinate Courts (District Courts) as well as in both the Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh


As our clients’ interest is our first priority. The ADR wing of Solutions De Legal is piloted by Ms. Ayesha Akhter, a law graduate from the University of Dhaka having her specialized LL.M on Commercial & Arbitration laws. This wing deals with all modern forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) i.e. Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation etc. Ms. Ayesha Akhter is highly skilled in negotiation and has a very good command over the relevant laws. Besides, she has outstanding leadership quality that has made her ADR team exceptionally brilliant and well equipped in legal research and bargaining

Intellectual Property

We understand the present socio-legal priorities and changes. As Intellectual Property Laws is a rapid growing sector; Solutions De Legal offer an exclusive Intellectual Property Rights protection service to our client by our sister concern boutique IP law firm MentorIP (www.mentorip.com). Mr. Shaleh Akram Somrat being a Dhaka University graduate having his LL.M on Intellectual Property Laws has earned praiseworthy expertise on Trademark, Patent, Design, Copyright, Licensing, E-commerce and other IPR issues. He is considered as one of the best lawyers in the IP sectors of Bangladesh having unparallel acceptance to the concern Ministry and its examiners for his degree of works, educational background and gravity of knowledge in this sector

Labour Law

Solutions De Legal has an expert team for dealing with labour law issues Mr. Kazi Mohammad Joynal Abedin, having more than 10 years experience in this sector is performing as the head of our labour law wing. We advise our clients in

  • Adopting government policies
  • Licensing & Registration
  • Maintaining risk management
  • Conducting audits & submitting returns
  • Tax management
  • Getting Legal Opinions
  • Settling Labours’ claims & Compensation
  • Serving Legal Notices
  • Framing Strategies
  • Taking safety measures
  • Balancing wages and overtime
  • Drafting employment contracts and all types of legal documents etc

Foreign Investment and Company Incorporation

Solutions De Legal provides one stop service to its foreign clients when it comes to advising on overall regulatory formalities in Bangladesh, shaping up business plans and supporting with setting up a business in Bangladesh. Our supports include, but not limited to, the following services to our foreign clients:

  • Opening Bank Account & Encashment of Investment
  • Opening TIN & BIN
  • Income & VAT registration
  • E-visa and Work permit
  • Project Profile & Approval from BIDA
  • Trade license
  • Fire certificate
  • Environmental clearance certificate
  • Factory certificate and EPZ formalities
  • Land Acquisition
  • Company Incorporation/Branch or Liaison Office Permission
  • Import/Export licenses
  • Any relevant authorization/licensing support
  • Business set up plan facilitations
  • Repatriation Process Support & Bangladesh Bank Formalities

Banking and Financing

Solutions De Legal provides legal support to all type of Banking and Financing issues, including Fintech regulatory affairs. We represent banks and borrowers in loan recovery matters in courts under the Artha Rin Adalat Ain/Negotiable Instruments Act and conduct all types of litigations concerning financial institutions, including Bangladesh Bank (the central bank) regulatory formalities, government sanctions and regulations. We also provide opinions on all types of payment instruments (including documentary credits, performance bonds, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments). We advises on data protection security documents (including security sharing, charges, mortgages and guarantees) and foreign exchange transactions.

Admiralty & Shipping Law

Solutions De Legal provides extensive support in relation to Admiralty and Shipping Laws, including legal documentation & drafting of Plaints, institution of Suits, Arrest of Ships, Compensations and Claims, Release of Goods, Port regulatory support, preventing Import-Export of counterfeited goods, registering Objections with Customs and all other disputes relating to Cargos & Shipments.

Writ (Judicial Review)

Administrative matters and Public Law We support our clients in all sort of administrative matters, including challenging official decisions taken by any public body, local/national authority, regulatory/quasi public bodies while exercising public functions. We deal with all sorts of proceedings under writ jurisdiction. We also advises government and regulatory bodies in their exercise of power and decision making process. We also conduct litigations based on common law tort rights


We remember Late Mr. Morshed, father Barrister Mahmood Morshed, who was the then best taxation lawyer of Bangladesh who served the Bangladesh Income Tax Bar for more than 10 years as its elected president. The Late Mr. Morshed’s very well known taxation law based chamber has been taken over by Solutions De Legal which now works as the sister concern of Solutions De Legal. Barrister Mahmood Morshed’s inherent caliber and the legacy of his father have made him unique and unparallel in this arena. We provide services in the sectors of VAT, Income Tax, Service Tax, Taxation and Accounting Services, Audit and other licensing issues

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